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There’s already over 1,000 mods for Total War: Warhammer

Creative Assembly initially wasn’t going to allow mods with Total War: Warhammer – we suspect because of Games Workshop influence – but it must be glad it turned things around, as already there are over 1,000 of them. From adding new playable armies, to increasing the size of the battles, there’s a lot of variance to the game already, just weeks after its release.

As well as being the fastest selling Total War game in the history of the franchise, Total War: Warhammer is still proving popular weeks after launch, often ranking as one of the most played games on Steam. Mods will go a long way to ensuring that number stays high in the months to come.

Creative Assembly is fully behind people tweaking the game too and has even been releasing semi-weekly mod showcases, breaking down some of its favourite release from the past few days.

In its latest video, it highlights a mod that increases the size of all units in a battle by 25 percent, another that reskins a newly introduced Undead faction for added unit variety and another which adds new and colourful artwork to the loading screens to keep things interesting.

Personally I’ve enjoyed the bigger giants mod – they are simply ridiculous – and the unique starting positions mod, which lets you and a friend COOP play through a campaign as the same race – great for massive Orc Waarghs.

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