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We Happy Few set for a joyful update in August

We Happy Few enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2015 and two years on, development is now nearing completion. This week, Compulsion Games has detailed its plan to bring We Happy Few out of Steam Early Access as well as what the future holds for the unique survival horror. …

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Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence


With just a few days left in his presidency, Barack Obama has continued his trend of pardoning and communing the sentences of more U.S. prisoners than the last 12 Presidents combined. This time though the prisoner is a little more high profile: Chelsea Manning, the whistleblower who released secretive documents …

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Alien Covenant is getting a VR tie-in experience


The Alien franchise is set to make a return this year with the release of Alien: Covenant and to celebrate that fact, it’s getting a virtual reality tie-in experience. Set to release alongside the movie, the VR experience will be a paid for addition, so here’s hoping that means it …

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HMD Global debuts £20 Nokia 150, with 2.4 inch screen


HMD Global, a firm made up of a number of long-time Nokia employees which recently bought the Nokia brand from Microsoft, has announced its first phone. The Nokia 150 will cost just £20 before tax and will feature a 2.4 inch screen, FM radio, Bluetooth 3.0, a basic camera and …

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Cuphead delayed again, but Thumper is out now

When KitGuru visits shows like Insomnia Series and EGX, we like to spend a lot of time covering all of the new and innovative indie games that are in the works, watching them grow and develop over the years. Now that Thumper is finally out, we’re pretty excited, but the fact …

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Nvidia unveils Pascal GTX Titan X a month early


By all accounts, Nvidia was expected to unveil its uber-high-end Pascal GTX Titan-X at Gamescom in August, but out of the blue it dropped last night. Nvidia came bearing images, specs and a swanky video trailer. At this point it would be weird if hardware launched without one. Nvidia terms this …

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Pokemon Go is now officially out in the UK


Update: After its slight delay from last week, Pokemon Go has officially launched in the UK. You can now download the app on the UK iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Now we just need to hope that the servers can cope with the influx of new players! Original …

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AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB version to cost $229

AMD’s new RX 400-series graphics cards are on their way at the end of the month and while we already know quite a bit about the new range, we now know that there will be two versions of the RX 480, a 4GB model priced at $199 and an 8GB model …

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It looks like Android N is nearing release

Google has gone ahead and pushed out the fourth Android N developer preview this week, which means we should be nearing a public release for the still yet to be named OS update. The fourth developer preview update adds in some finalised APIs and the final SDK for developers, there …

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Project Ara modular phone coming to consumers next year

Several years ago, the internet became obsessed with the idea of ‘Phonebloks’, a modular smartphone concept that later went on to become ‘Project Ara’. While there have been some delays, this year we will get to see a brand new Ara development kit and after a long wait, the first consumer-ready modular …

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AMD to focus on 8-core dies for first Zen processors

It has been a while since we have heard anything to do with AMD’s upcoming crop of Zen processors but this week, we finally learned a bit more about AMD’s potential plans for the launch later this year. According to reports, AMD is said to be sticking to eight core …

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Nvidia Pascal GP104 GPU die pictured

Following on from all of the rumours pointing towards a swiftly approaching launch for Nvidia’s new Pascal graphics cards, a new image has appeared online. This time, we get to have a good look at the GP104 die, specifically, the GP104-200, which is a cut down version of then GP104-400. …

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Fresh Nvidia GTX 1080 image finds its way online

A couple of weeks back, we got out first look at what could be the new cooler design for Nvidia’s upcoming series of Pascal graphics cards. At the time, the image was of a ‘work in progress’ model but now a snap of the final product appears to have found …

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