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Hey Japan you’re finally getting the PS4… soon

Despite probably containing the biggest number of devkit and prototype versions throughout the console’s development – since Sony is based in Japan – the PlayStation 4 still has yet to launch there. With the release date looming however, Sony has begun to hype up the marketing and has now debuted …

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Cheap Android tablets just keep getting cheaper

Over the last few months we’ve seen plenty of cheap Android tablets come out: Tesco came out with the Hudl, Argos released the ‘MyTablet‘ and Asda partnered up with electronics company, Medion, to exclusively sell the ‘LifeTab‘. Prices of these tablets currently range from £77 all the way up to £130 …

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Destiny trailer, box art and beta access

Destiny, the long awaited game developed by ‘Halo’ creators, Bungie and its partner in crime: Activision, just got it’s first game-play trailer along with pre-order beta access details and box art. Destiny is an ambitious game with a persistent growing universe, which Bungie wants to expand over the next 10 …

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Rockstar wants retailers to delay shipping GTA V

In an effort to prevent people getting their hands on GTA V before it’s official release date, Rockstar has asked retailers to delay shipping the game until the day before: 16th September. UK retailer GAME however, has said that while it will abide by the shipping request, it will begin …

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Sony i1 has integrated Facebook social casting

Looking at people while you talk to them is a dubious pleasure. A quick straw poll around the various KitGuru offices reveals that many of us have had video call capability built into our phones for a long while – but never really use it. Then along came Apple. And …

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Ouya set for commercial release in June


The little console that set Kickstarter ablaze and began what seems to be a current trend of crowd funding little home consoles to rival the big boys, has had its final release date outed. Those that didn’t pre-order or get in on the ground floor, will be able to get …

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Wii U release delayed in Europe

Wii U

The release of Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U, will be delayed in Europe due to a manufacturing issues, if the latest reports from people “familiar with the situation” are to be believed. The console itself isn’t to blame apparently, but the fancy touch screen controller. Manufacturing issues aren’t …

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