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Report claims AMD will launch new Ryzen processors in late September

It seems it will take a bit longer than expected to see Ryzen 7000 CPUs in action. According to a new rumour, the launch has been postponed by a couple of weeks, with availability now apparently planned for late September. 

There was already plenty of proof that AMD would reveal its new processors soon. However, according to MyDrivers (via HXL), it has reportedly delayed the launch to September 27th. However, product announcements are still expected in late August.

If true, AMD's new Ryzen processors will become available on the same day as Intel's upcoming Innovation event, during which the company is expected to announce its Raptor Lake desktop processors.

The report also claims the Ryzen 7 7700X will be the only one available at the same price as its predecessor. Every other next-gen Ryzen 7 and Ryen 9 CPU will be more expensive than its Ryzen 5000 counterpart. This claim somewhat matches the recently found retailer listings, although those listings did also price the Ryzen 7700X higher than the 5700X at launch.

KitGuru says: AMD hasn't made any official announcements yet, so we'll have to hang tight and wait for confirmation on the Ryzen 7000 launch. Are any of you planning on upgrading? 


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