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Rumours suggest Intel will refresh Arrow Lake in the second half of 2025

Intel's public roadmap takes us up to Lunar Lake but after that, the company's plans are still a mystery. According to a new report, Intel's plans are now taking shape, pointing towards an Arrow Lake refresh, as well as the introduction of new Panther Lake and Nova Lake architectures. 

In a new video, Moore's Law Is Dead claims that after launching Arrow Lake next year, Intel will introduce a refresh in late 2025. Additionally, it is claimed that Lunar Lake will launch in late 2024 or the first half of 2025. Looking further beyond that, we can apparently expect to see the first Panther Lake chips in late 2025 or the first half of 2026, followed by Nova Lake in the second half of 2026.

The first generation of Arrow Lake CPUs, planned for Q4 2024, will have up to 26 cores, of which up to 8 are Lion Cove P-cores, up to 16 are Skymont E-cores, and 2 are low-power E-cores within the SoC. Intel has yet to announce whether or not these SoC cores will be included in the core count and how they work, but since they seem to exist, we'll count them like another set of cores.

These chips are expected to beat Raptor Lake in single-thread performance by over 25%. Multi-core performance is still expected to improve considerably over its predecessor too. Desktop Arrow Lake chips should come in late 2024, followed by mobile versions for laptops in 2025.

Moving on to Panther Lake, the latest rumours claim it will feature up to 4 P-cores (Lion Cove), up to 4 E-cores (Skymont), and 2 low-power E-cores in the SoC. These will supposedly target the 7–15W segment, working much like a successor to Tiger Lake-U and Lakefield. The Lunar Lake chips are expected to come out between Q4 2024 and H1 2025.

Intel is said to be considering an Arrow Lake refresh that will keep the same node and core types but increase the number of Skymont E-Cores from 16 to 32. This circumstance is similar to what happened with Alder Lake and Raptor Lake, where E-Cores were also doubled. Single-core performance over standard Arrow Lake chips should improve by single-digit numbers, but multi-core will get a big leap due to the increased E-core count. These ones are expected to come out in H2 2025.

Then, we'll have Panther Lake with up to 4 P-cores (Cougar Cove), up to 8 E-cores (Darkmont), and up to 4 low-power SoC cores. These laptop chips are believed to feature a new tile layout that will also be used by Nova Lake. The first devices to feature these chips should come out between late 2025 and H1 2026.

Lastly, Nova Lake will come to succeed the Arrow Lake Refresh in H2 2026, packing up to 16 Rentable Units (HyperThreading successor) P-cores, up to 32 E-cores (Arctic Wolf), and 4 low-power E-cores on the SoC.

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