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Does Razer owe you £200?

As Leo was wrapping up his Razer Blade 15 review this weekend, something peculiar was noticed. For some reason, the laptop was being sold at £200 more on Razer's own website compared to UK retail. We pointed this out to Razer, who then corrected the pricing, but were disappointed to learn that there will be no refunds for anyone that paid the original price...

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Intel Meteor Lake can already boot Windows, Linux and ChromeOS

According to Intel's roadmap, Raptor Lake processors should be arriving later this year, followed by “Meteor Lake” processors in 2023. The tape-in process was finished almost a year ago, and now, Intel has announced the new architecture can already boot on multiple operating systems. During Intel's recent quarterly earnings call, CEO, …

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Interview: Robert Hallock on Why AMD’s Efficiency Wins

We got the chance to speak to AMD's Director of Technical Marketing on a variety of topics relating to the recently launched Ryzen 6000 Mobile Series of processors. Robert Hallock discusses the advantages for AMD's high-performance core design versus Intel's hybrid architecture, power efficiency, and there's discussion on the advantages brought about by RDNA 2 graphics...

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