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A third Intel Arc Battlemage GPU emerges with 32 Xe2-Cores

A new Intel Arc Battlemage GPU, codenamed G31, has been found on the company's website. Although we had already heard about a G31 GPU, we didn't know much about it besides the name. That has now changed, as we've learned what package it will use and how many Xe2-cores it will feature.

The listing found by @miktdt (via Bionic_Squash) is part of Intel's BMG series design tools and is identified as “PTT Engagement – BGA3283-BMG-G31 VRTT Interposer – Prototypes”, suggesting it will use a BGA package with 3283 pins. It was also claimed that the G31 GPU will pack 32 Xe2-cores, the same number of Xe-cores the top Alchemist GPU packs.

Besides the G31, Intel's Battlemage GPU lineup should also include the 28-core BMG-G10 (BGA-2362), which was reportedly cancelled, and the 20-core BMG-G21 (BGA-2727). According to Bionic_Squash, these GPUs will all use GDDR6 memory and PCIe 5.0 connectivity.

While Intel has provided insight into the elements driving Battlemage development, the tech giant has yet to confirm the lineup of new GPUs and a specific release date. Initially expected to launch in early 2025, recent reports claim the new Battlemage GPUs will be released before Black Friday (November 29th).

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KitGuru says: Although we may not see an increase in GPU core count, that doesn't mean performance won't improve significantly. Without knowing all the details of the new Xe2 architecture, it's still too soon to draw any conclusions.

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