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Retailer lists AMD Ryzen 9000 CPUs starting at €310

A Slovenian retailer has started offering preorders for AMD's upcoming Ryzen 9000 CPUs. While the CPUs won't start shipping until at least August 2nd, these early listings give us an idea of how much these new processors will cost in Europe.

According to the retailer (via VideoCardz), the flagship 16-core Ryzen 9 9950X is priced at €659.90, the 12-core 9900X at €499.90, the 8-core 9700X at €399.90, and the 6-core 9600X at €309.90. Based on these prices, the new Ryzen 9000 series will be more affordable at launch than the previous generation.

By comparing the listed prices of the Ryzen 9000 series with the launch costs of the Ryzen 7000 and subsequent 7000X3D series, it's clear that AMD is positioning the new CPUs to be competitively priced. For instance, the flagship 9950X is priced lower than the launch prices of the 7900X and 7900X3D, suggesting a strategic move by AMD to offer increased value to consumers.

The new Ryzen 9000 series desktop CPUs are expected to become available this summer, followed by X3D variants later in the year.

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KitGuru says: Are any of you planning on making the jump to Zen 5 this year? Will you be picking up a Ryzen 9000 CPU or will you be waiting for the X3D versions? 

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