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Intel Thunderbolt Share will make it easier to share data and more between two PCs

Intel is preparing to unveil Thunderbolt Share, a new technology that enables users to seamlessly share displays, keyboards, mice, and data between computers using Thunderbolt technology. This technology prioritises speed, security, and simplicity, hoping to set a new standard for connectivity.

This solution facilitates quick and efficient PC-to-PC connections, allowing users to effortlessly share displays, keyboards, mice, storage, and data while ensuring the safety and ease of use. Furthermore, Thunderbolt Share goes beyond direct PC-to-PC connectivity by enabling Thunderbolt-compatible devices, such as displays or hubs, to make it easier to communicate between multiple PCs.

It's unclear if Thunderbolt Share will support data transmission from external GPUs to secondary PCs, potentially expanding its utility and versatility. It's important to note that Thunderbolt Share is only compatible with devices with the necessary license. Intel has confirmed that manufacturers, including MSI, Lenovo, Acer, Razer, Kensington, Belkin, Promise Technology, and Plugable, have obtained this license, indicating their intention to offer the technology as an added value feature to approved devices. The specific list of such devices is yet to be announced.

Thunderbolt Share is designed to support Thunderbolt 4 and 5 technologies and is compatible with the Windows operating system. Expect to see systems with Thunderbolt Share out-of-the-box starting this year.

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KitGuru says: Do you think the industry and customers will widely adopt Thunderbolt Share, or will the wired nature of this technology limit its appeal?

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