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Dell XPS roadmap reveals Intel and Qualcomm plans for mobile CPUs up to 2027

Here's something you don't expect to see in public on the Internet – a leaked presentation from Dell that delves deep into the development of the company's XPS range. With over 300 pages, the presentation provides an in-depth analysis of the design process, key components, obstacles encountered during the development phase, and details on the hardware upcoming laptops will feature.

The presentation spotted by VideoCardz is dated August 2023 and focuses on the XPS notebook powered by a Qualcomm X Series CPU, but it also includes Dell's plans for the next three years of the XPS series. The roadmap reveals the introduction of Intel's future CPUs, including Arrow Lake in Q1 2025, Panther Lake in Q1 2026, and Nova Lake in Q1 2027. 

Image credit: VideoCardz

Qualcomm's upcoming Oryon V2 and Oryon V3 are also in the roadmap, with the former expected to be released in H2 2025 and the latter in Q4 2027. Moreover, Nvidia is also mentioned in the roadmap following its usual release cadence, as it's expected to launch new laptop GPUs in early 2025 and another new one in early 2027.

AMD looks to be out of Dell's XPS plans until 2027, as the only mention of the red team is in the XPS 16 Performante, which even has a note that it might be delayed to 2028.

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KitGuru says: The coming years look very promising for the Windows laptop segment.

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