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Whatsapp now has desktop Windows and Mac clients

WhatsApp, the encrypted chat service owned by Facebook, has expanded its potential user base by a huge number, by introducing desktop clients for both Mac and Windows operating systems. The platform is now available to most technological users, also offering a web-app and the (now) traditional smartphone applications. The idea with …

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Lenovo and Razer partner up for new gaming desktops

Razer first revealed its intention to break in to the desktop gaming PC market at CES 2014, with its modular PC concept. However, that project didn’t quite pan out and has since been dropped. Now, Razer is doing something a little more traditional, by partnering up with Lenovo to bring …

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Tablets are ‘crashing’, PC business is ‘reviving’ – chief exec of Best Buy

In the recent years it became common for high-technology industry leaders to complain about slow PC sales and praise booming sales of tablets and smartphones. Apparently, the situation changed drastically in the recent months. After Microsoft ceased to support its Windows XP operating system, not only enterprises, but also consumers started …

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How Intel plans to reinvent the desktop

The desktop is dead, that’s something you’d think was pretty much cemented. Not for everyone of course, like those in corporate offices and certainly not for gamers – they need the space for those monstrous GPUs – but for the average consumer? Definitely. Just look at the climate we’re in …

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Laptop memory ripoff continues

Most of KitGuru’s vast audience would be happy making a desktop upgrade themselves. Indeed, we suspect that many of you will also have attacked a laptop with a screwdriver at some point in the past. As the market for mobile PCs continues to dominate desktop sales, why haven’t the basic …

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