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Operating Systems

KitGuru uses multiple operating systems across a variety of hardware platforms, from Ubuntu and OS X through to Windows Server and Windows 7. Before you buy, read KitGuru’s expert opinions.

Windows 10 moving to annual updates

Windows 11 is already out, but Microsoft hasn’t abandoned its predecessor yet. For the foreseeable future, Windows 10 will still be supported, but feature updates will be slowing down a bit, moving over to an annual release model.  Since Windows 10 launched, Microsoft has been updating the operating system with …

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Microsoft cancels Windows 10X

Earlier this month, we learned that Microsoft may have shelved its plans for Windows 10X, a lighter version of the OS that was intended to compete with ChromeOS. As it turns out, the project isn’t just shelved – it won’t be releasing at all.  Today, Microsoft confirmed that it no …

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