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Intel Core 14th Gen desktop CPUs don’t support Thunderbolt 5

Intel released its first Core 14th Gen “Raptor Lake Refresh” desktop CPUs earlier this week. Initially, Intel announced that these CPUs would support Thunderbolt 5, the most recent version of the protocol. However, Intel has recently said that although certain 14th-generation processors will support Thunderbolt 5, this is not the case for the current batch of desktop CPUs.

An editors' note attached to Intel's announcement of the Core 14th Gen desktop CPUs clarifies that while some processors in this series will include support for Thunderbolt 5, these desktop models won't. More information about the Intel Core 14th Gen CPUs supporting Thunderbolt 5 will be shared later.

Without desktop CPUs supporting Thunderbolt 5, it seems that the new connection standard will be seen on laptops, most likely on Intel Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” chips. Thunderbolt 4 and older versions have been more prevalent on mobile devices with Intel CPUs than on Intel-based desktop computers, most likely because the connector isn't widely available on desktop motherboards.

In simple terms, Thunderbolt 5 is the same as USB 4 Version 2.0, but with all of the optional features enabled. Thunderbolt 5 has an 80Gbps capacity that is uniformly spread, allowing it to send and receive data at the same pace. When there is a need for more display bandwidth, it may go up to 120Gbps, making it quicker than DisplayPort 2.1. As such, Thunderbolt 5 can handle up to three 4K monitors at 144Hz, as well as multiple 8K displays. Thunderbolt 5 cables will also support up to 240W charging on laptops.

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KitGuru says: If you were planning on getting one of the new Intel Core desktop CPUs for Thunderbolt 5 support, it seems you'll have to wait for the next generation.

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