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AMD unveils new Ryzen CPU and APU roadmaps

AMD's annual Financial Analyst Day wasn't only focused on upcoming Radeon products. During the event, AMD also shared a lot of details about its upcoming processors, with new roadmaps for upcoming Ryzen CPUs and APUs. 

With the first Zen 4 products set to release this year, we've come to the end of the current public Ryzen roadmap, so it is time for an update. Following on from Zen 4, we'll see AMD launch Zen 4 V-Cache processors, and Zen 4c. These will be based on 5nm or 4nm process nodes. It's unclear where each of them will be used, but rumours claim Zen 4c will be powering Bergamo, a CPU architecture aimed at cloud computing.

Compared to Zen 3, AMD claims Zen 4 offers an IPC boost of 8-10% and a single-thread performance improvement of over 15%. Moreover, bandwidth memory per core will increase, and the new chips will support ISA extensions for AI and the AVX-512 instruction set. These improvements result in a performance-per-watt gain of over 25% and an overall performance improvement of over 35% (based on the Cinebench multi-core test).

After Zen 4, we will get Zen 5 in 2024, which will also have V-Cache and “c” variants. All Zen 5 variants will be based on 4nm or 3nm nodes, bringing more performance and efficiency gains and improved AI and ML optimisations.

After the Ryzen 6000 series, AMD's next laptop CPU architecture is Phoenix Point, possibly belonging to the Ryzen 7000 series. Based on the 4nm process node, the new architecture will feature RDNA 3 graphics, Zen 4 cores and AIE (Artificial Intelligence Engine). Then, we'll get Strix Point, based on an “advanced” node and featuring RDNA 3+ graphics and an AIE too. Phoenix Point products should come out in 2023, leaving Strix Point-based chips for 2024.

Lastly, AMD also shared the roadmap for desktop platforms. Later this year, AMD will release Ryzen 7000 series desktop CPUs (Raphael), but they already have plans for what's coming next. The Threadripper product line will receive a new series based on the Zen 4 core architecture, and the Ryzen 7000 mainstream series will feature chips using 3D V-Cache. After that, AMD will focus on Granite Ridge (Zen 5), expected to launch in 2024.

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KitGuru says: The new roadmaps show AMD isn't slowing down on product launches. Not only will we be getting new-gen CPUs and GPUs this year, but the next upgrades are just around the corner, slated for next year. 

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