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Leo Says Ep.65 – AMD Zen 4 is go, go, go

Luke gave us the low-down on AMD Zen 4 during his recent visit to Austin, Texas where the chips were officially announced. The fact of the matter is that AMD has been talking about Zen 4 for quite some while, so we now have the final pieces of the puzzle in place and are eagerly awaiting the launch date of 27th September...

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AMD Details Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 and AM5 – Launch September 27th

AMD has today given more details on its upcoming Ryzen 7000 Series - Zen 4 - processors and the AM5 platform. Launching 27th September, the Ryzen 9 7950X flagship is touted as having a 29% faster core for gamers versus Ryzen 5000 Series whilst also enhancing power efficiency thanks to the application of TSMC's 5nm process node. Four chips launch on September 27th alongside DDR5- and PCIe 5.0-capable X-Series motherboards, with B-Series boards to follow-up in October.

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AMD announces Ryzen 7000 livestream reveal

It is now official – AMD will properly unveil its next generation Ryzen processors later this month. Today, the company announced a livestream for the occasion, which will include new details on Zen 4 and the AM5 platform.  In recent weeks, rumours have been pointing to a late August announcement …

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Early AMD EPYC ‘Genoa’ processors have a massive IHS

A leaker previously known for revealing specs for AMD's next-gen EPYC processors has now shared photos of what appear to be legitimate engineering samples, although they didn't survive very long and apparently burned out as soon as the user tried to boot a machine with them.  Prominent leaker Yuuki_Ans was …

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AMD unveils new Ryzen CPU and APU roadmaps

AMD's annual Financial Analyst Day wasn't only focused on upcoming Radeon products. During the event, AMD also shared a lot of details about its upcoming processors, with new roadmaps for upcoming Ryzen CPUs and APUs.  With the first Zen 4 products set to release this year, we've come to the …

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Luke and Leo Get Technical (Ep 12) – AMD Must Respond to Intel 12th Gen

Intel’s performance offering from the 12th Gen processors is impressive. The gaming crown looks to be back Intel’s hand, and AMD also needs to respond to their overall performance crown being infringed upon. How will AMD respond? And what are the timescales? There’s also the elephant in the room of Apple, with the M1 silicon continuing to make impressive performance strides...

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