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KitGuru’s constant analysis of the entire PC market reveals many interesting trends. From entry level units that focus on price to supreme-performance rigs, get independent buying advice today.

Asus takes over NUC from Intel

We learned at the start of the summer that Intel's NUC products had been discontinued. Soon after, a non-exclusive partnership between Asus and Intel was established to ensure the continuation of the NUC brand. The deal has since been finalised, allowing Asus to formally launch its own NUC products. Asus …

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Acer refreshes its Veriton N series of mini-PCs

Acer's Veriton N mini-PCs are set to be updated with five new models featuring 9th Gen Intel processors. Designed for corporate users, these mini-PCs utilise cases ranging in size from just 1 litre, up to 3 litres. There will be two models that use the tiny 1-litre case: the “VN4660G-H58Q1” which …

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8PACK showcases £15,000 (2018) Custom Watercooled PC!

We travelled to the home of Overclockers UK to take a look at some of the fastest PCs money can buy. Ian '8PACK' Parry shows Briony two of the updated ultimate watercooled PCs in the 8PACK range. Each system can be fully customised in a range of colour combinations and only the best performing components make the final cut!

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Acer Revo One RL85 Mini-PC Review

The Revo One RL85 is a nifty mini-PC on offer from Acer. While there are several models available – from Celerons up to Core i5 variants – the particular Revo One we received features a Core i5-5200U, 8GB RAM, a 60GB boot SSD and two 2TB hard drives configured in RAID 1. How …

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Asrock Beebox: Intel ‘Braswell’ NUC with USB type-C and 4K video playback

Intel Corp.’s ultra-small form-factor NUC [next unit of compute] desktops have become pretty popular on the market and many makers of mainboards, PCs and barebones are now trying to offer something similar. Asrock at Computex 2015 introduced its first NUC-like PCs that feature Intel’s new-generation ‘Braswell’ system-on-chip and boast with …

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Asus unveils all-in-one Zen PCs: Core i7, GeForce GTX, 512GB SSD, 32GB RAM

At the Computex Taipei 2015 trade-show Asustek Computer has introduced its first high-performance all-in-one personal computers. The new Zen AIO systems can deliver performance of high-end desktops thanks to usage of powerful processors, graphics adapters and solid-state drives. Asustek’s new Zen AIO personal computers look very stylish and resemble the …

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