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News, reviews and independent buying advice for base units – PCs supplied without operating system or peripherals.

4K streaming bolstered by new Roku 4 set-top box

The world of streaming is in a bit of a quality no-man's land right now. While 1080p is a pretty solid standard for those watching content via services like Amazon Instant Video and Netflix, 4K is not so well grounded. Some have TVs that can support it, but there isn't …

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Asrock Beebox: Intel ‘Braswell’ NUC with USB type-C and 4K video playback

Intel Corp.’s ultra-small form-factor NUC [next unit of compute] desktops have become pretty popular on the market and many makers of mainboards, PCs and barebones are now trying to offer something similar. Asrock at Computex 2015 introduced its first NUC-like PCs that feature Intel’s new-generation ‘Braswell’ system-on-chip and boast with …

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MSI Cubi Review

MSI is offering its Cubi Mini PC in four different specifications with varying levels of CPU grunt, depending on the price you pay. Cubi is a barebones design however the sample sent to KitGuru was fully built and ready to roll. If you buy a Cubi you will have to …

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Nvidia Tegra X1 to power desktops, notebooks, tablets, portable consoles

Unveiled early this year, Tegra X1 system-on-chip from Nvidia Corp. was positioned mainly for automotive applications. However, given rather serious processing horsepower it has, it can be used for many other devices. In fact, according to recent leaks and listings, Nvidia and its partners plan to use the Tegra X1 …

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Intel publishes pictures of next-gen NUC 2.0 ‘Broadwell’-based systems

Intel Corp. has published images of its forthcoming new-generation NUC (next unit of computing) small form-factor personal computers based in the Core i-series “Broadwell” microprocessors. The upcoming SFF PCs will be slightly smaller than existing NUCs and will support optional technologies that are not available today. Pictures of Intel’s new …

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