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Base Unit

News, reviews and independent buying advice for base units – PCs supplied without operating system or peripherals.

Overclockers wonder if Prodigy will be firestarter

With its headquarters up in Staffordshire, Overclockers has always been associated with supplying the components that enthusiasts need for custom builds. Now it’s branching more-n-more across to ready-assembled/pre-overclocked systems and to illustrate that fact, it’s today launching the a brand new gaming rig in one of the latest chassis. This …

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First past the post system appears on UK site with 3570k

While a double first in any set of track-n-field events this summer will mean that the victor is lauded, applauded and smothered in gold and kisses, going early with some of the latest processors might not achieve the same result. Certainly not in the Swindon/Portland areas. Purely by chance, we …

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