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Want a dual core PC for Xmas but only have £119?

While we all love oggling the latest in 6-core, 12-threaded overclocking monstrosities – the reality is that many of us just need to replace an old box with a newer one. For example, as a child grows older or when you expand your business. Aria has been working on a solution for this part of the market – and it’s also found a way to discount that solution by an extra 13% in celebration of the arrival of the phat man with the red coat. KitGuru probes what Santa has in his bulging sack.

The microscopic chassis used by Sapphire for its Edge VS system is all very cool and stylish, but what if you needed an all-in-one mainboard solution for a regular sized case?

Well AMD’s ‘Fusion’ APU processors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and budgets. Toward the low end is the E-350 Zacate chip – which comes in at a modest 1.6GHz clock. This is a very cost-effective option, especially when coupled with a Gigabyte Hudson D1 mainboard.

It has Radeon HD 6310 graphics integrated into the same APU, which isn’t going to set the world a light – but it will handle games like StarCraft II at lower settings and – naturally – will run the most popular online entertainments.

The fact that the system comes in a neat little chassis with USB etc toward the top – for easier access – means that it won’t look out of place in an office, living room or bedroom.

4GB of DDR3, a 500GB hard drive and a DVD burner complete the spec which, according to Aria, is Windows 8 ready (even if you’re not).

It was on offer at £137.99, but Aria has managed to drop the price another 13% – while maintaining the warranty.

If you’re wondering what it looks like, here’s a photo. You can get the full spec on this £119 bargain from here.

Decent spec for the price, room for expansion in the future and the Gigabyte mainboard has loads of connections

KitGuru says: We can think of worse ways to either (a) populate the under-desk areas of an office or (b) enable a kid in the house to access software/the web without spending too much money. There are cars in the UK that use more than £119 just to fill up.

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