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Jide Technology Remix Mini (£50 Android PC) Review

Last year, the Remix Mini was one of the most successful campaigns on Kickstarter, with 21,975 backers pledging $1,647,155 to fund the innovative mini-PC. Today, we look at the Remix Mini as it is now available for general purchase and assess whether it is worth the £50 asking price. If …

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Want a dual core PC for Xmas but only have £119?

While we all love oggling the latest in 6-core, 12-threaded overclocking monstrosities – the reality is that many of us just need to replace an old box with a newer one. For example, as a child grows older or when you expand your business. Aria has been working on a …

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Aria offers business users Windows 7 PCs for £99

With Windows 8, Haswell, GTX700 and Radeon 8000 all coming soon, it’s work pausing every now and then to realise that the vast majority of business users are not batting in that league. They have a very different set of requirements – sometimes as simple as ‘Need a PC for …

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