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Foxconn AMD Fusion NT-A3500 Nettop Review

Rating: 8.5.

We don’t often review many Foxconn related products but today we are looking at their new mini PC which is based around AMD’s successful Fusion platform. Foxconn are a massive manufacturing organisation who produce many goods for leading tech companies such as Apple.

Their NT-A3500 is based around an ultra slim form factor with Direct X 11 graphics support and 1080p high definition playback capabilities. Ideal for a media system in a bedroom? Read on to find out more.

Foxconn say that the A3500 is twice the speed of the previous NT-330i model it replaces and the current model also consumes 6 watts less power.

Stephen Ling The Managing Director for Foxconn, Western Europe said “Using the full capabilities of the AMD APU has allowed Foxconn to build a Nettop with twice the performance of its predecessor , reduce power consumption and keep it all within our extremely popular ultra-small form factor. The advances in technology are allowing people to benefit from using tiny computers in more and more applications.”

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