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January sale starts early – new offers already live

In the old days, the January sales used to start, well, in January. Over time, these deals were pulled in earlier and earlier – with the Boxing Day sale replacing January as the kick off point. Now it seems January starts on 19th December. KitGuru packs a sleeping back and Thermos, ready to camp out for bargains.

As the average price of the PC continues to slide, the actual drops are getting smaller. Because there is a fundamental value (and, therefore, cost) to every component required to make a system, the absolute lowest price you can pay for something has been levelling off. In the world of laptops, we saw this when we recently compared a Toshiba system from 2 years ago – to the spec/price combination available today.

But desktop PCs are still increasing their value offer.

This morning, we received an update from London-based PC maker, MESH Computers, with its new prices. The deals start with a full PC, including 8GB of memory, 1TB drive and Windows operating system for just £299. Hard to argue with that.

Entry level at £299 seems like a bargain - but if you click the graphic and investigate all of the offers, you will also find deals right through to an Intel Core i7 3930k. And it's not even January.


KitGuru says: Whether you’re looking to replace a system for your family or updating the kit in your office, complete systems with Windows OS from £299 seems worth a closer look. We asked, and they all comes with a 3 year warranty.

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