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Overclockers wonder if Prodigy will be firestarter

With its headquarters up in Staffordshire, Overclockers has always been associated with supplying the components that enthusiasts need for custom builds. Now it’s branching more-n-more across to ready-assembled/pre-overclocked systems and to illustrate that fact, it’s today launching the a brand new gaming rig in one of the latest chassis. This is how the folks at OcUK describe what they’re doing.
Press Release: Based around the formidable BitFenix Prodigy chassis, the new range of Titan mini ITX LAN gaming systems from Overclockers UK draw their inspiration from the cases they have been built around and are the first systems in the newly arrived LAN gaming range available exclusively from OVERCLOCKERS UK.
With a product as good as the BitFenix Prodigy chassis, building a range of new systems to compliment the case was a natural progression, providing the ideal way to cater further to the needs of enthusiast gamers, in particular those seeking powerful yet portable rigs suitable for LAN events.
our systems complete the Titan Prodigy lineup, starting with the  impressive, limited edition, Titan Prodigy Arctic that rocks an Intel Core i5 processor overclocked to a stable 4.20GHz and features the superb KFA3 GeForce GTX560 white edition graphics card as well as 8GB of Corsair Vengeance White RAM. As with all Titan Prodigy systems there are further upgrade options on offer including the storming KFA2 GeForce GTX580 white edition graphics card.
The formiddable Titan Prodigy X Ultra pulls no punches when it comes to power and with its Intel Core i7 3.40GHz processor and a large range of upgrade options, this little system packs a mighty powerful punch.  With a massive 240GB SSD plus a 1TB HDD this system is an excellent choice for serious gamers looking for both power and portability.
The Titan Prodigy X benefits from an Intel Core i5 processor,  overclocked to an impressive yet stable 4.000GHz.  With 8GB RAM and an roomy 120GB SSD and 1TB HDD, the Prodigy X can be customised with a range of options including numerous graphics cards, making this a superb value and extremely flexible mid-range gaming system with more than enough power to dominate your game.
The final system in the range is the excellent value Titan Prodigy with its Intel Core i3 2120 3.30GHz processor, 8GB RAM and 500GB hard drive, a worthy gaming system that will hold its own at any LAN event, but is equally suitable for home use, especially if space is at a premium.
Titan Prodigy systems are available to pre-order now and for a limited time only, come with the added extras of a stylish and practical stainless steel 16GB OcUK Flash pen and an OcUK mug, whilst the limited edition Titan Prodigy Arctic also comes with a free copy of Max Payne 3. All Titan Prodigy systems can be fully customised providing you with a large range of component options.
The Titan Prodigy range of LAN gaming systems is now available to pre-order exclusively at www.overclockers.co.uk. More Information about the range can be found here.
We saw this chassis up close and personal at Computex and we like it. After our full review, we loved it.

KitGuru says: This kind of stuff becomes interesting when you visit the system manufacturer’s site, add the components into your basket and it comes to around the same price as the ready-assembled, fully-guaranteed computer. But the PC has already been built, saving you time and effort.

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  • max

    Ready built, but not half as much fun as building it yourself, or a sense of satisfaction.
    Any fool can press “buy” on a full system. It takes nerves and stamina to press ‘on’ when you’ve built it yourself to see if you get a boot screen, or a fried processor/mobo!