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Surface Pro 3 users face more battery issues


It seems that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is still proving to be an issue for the company and its customers alike as battery issues keep cropping up. Earlier this year, Microsoft patched a bug that caused the Surface Pro 3 to incorrectly display battery percentages but now another battery-related problem …

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Mysterious Nvidia tablet passes FCC certification


Nvidia first launched its original Shield Tablet back in 2014 and since then, it has been supported with regular updates and features like Game Stream and GeForce Now have improved significantly. However, it is about time for a hardware update and it looks like there might be one on the …

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 details leak out

It looks like we may already have an idea of what to expect from Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 5 tablet as new information came to light this week, pointing out some specifications for the upcoming Windows tablet. Upgrades coming include an Ultra HD display, a new Intel Kaby Lake CPU and …

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Nvidia reinstates Shield tablet Marshmallow update

Update: Nvidia has begun rolling out the Android Marshmallow update to Shield tablet owners once again. The update was pulled earlier this month due to a bug causing WiFi to periodically disconnect for some owners. At the time, some troubleshooting instructions were offered to help but now the proper fixes should all …

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Microsoft is recalling Surface Pro power cables

Microsoft has announced that it is issuing a recall for Surface Pro power cables due to an overheating fault found in a certain number older models. Microsoft has received several reports of overheating and will soon put out instructions on how to check if you are affected and how to …

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Google may bring back Nexus 7 in 2016

Last year, Google tried to change the way it approached the Nexus line-up, ditching the Nexus 7 in favour of a Nexus 9, built to compete with the iPad Mini. It also switched from the Nexus 5 to the Nexus 6- neither decision turned out to be all that popular, …

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Intel buys assets of Via Telecom

Via Technologies, a developer of low-cost computer platforms, has announced that it had sold part of its telecommunication assets to Intel Corp. The two companies revealed no details about the deal, but it looks like Intel got various patents related to telecommunication technologies. Via Technologies and Intel reached agreement on …

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