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Sharkoon launch the Mobile DAC and Mobile DAC PD

Sharkoon has introduced new Mobile DAC and Mobile DAC PD devices to its peripherals range. The new audio converters are compatible with popular Android-based mobile devices and deliver high-resolution audio amplification for headsets with a TRRS connection.

In addition to providing audio amplification, the new Sharkoon Mobile DACs provide quality voice transmission via an integrated microphone input for podcasters and streamers to benefit from. Both the Mobile DAC and Mobile DAC PD are equipped with a USB-C connection for compatibility with modern smartphones and tablets. The Mobile DAC features a short cable to avoid annoying tangles and thanks to a compact design, both devices easily fit into a pocket for ultra-portable use.

The Sharkoon Mobile DAC PD features a TTRS port and USB Type-C male plug but also includes a female USB Type-C socket too. This female USB-C socket allows the device to be connected to a smartphone or tablet, providing power pass through to charge the connected device while it is in use with a power supply of up to 60 watts.


The Mobile DAC and Mobile DAC PD also have a switchable hardware equaliser allowing the linearly tuned sound to be further customised by the included presets, with accentuated bass or treble settings available to choose from. According to Sharkoon, both devices provide a sampling frequency of 96KHz at 24 Bit, with a signal to noise ratio of 100 decibels, which is confirmed by the Japan Audio Society.

The Sharkoon Mobile DAC and Mobile DAC PD are available to purchase now with an MSRP of €14.99 and €19.99 respectively.

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KitGuru says: Are you looking for a boost in audio quality from your smartphone or tablet device? maybe the Sharkoon Mobile DAC is the device for you?

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