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Netflix trials a cheaper ‘mobile only’ subscription tier

The way in which we consume media has evolved rapidly over the last ten years, with many now watching videos on their smartphones. Netflix wants in on this new trend, launching tests for a mobile-only subscription that costs half that of the Basic membership. The mobile-only subscription is the fourth …

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Reclaim Your Privacy From Your Smartphone: 3 Simple Tips

Your smartphone is a complex device capable of performing a multitude of functions previously limited to separate devices. It’s a phone, a camera, a computer, a GPS, a game console, a flashlight, a compass, and so much more. Along with the possibilities provided by smartphones come several serious privacy concerns. …

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There is a KFC smartphone on the way

As someone who reports on the smartphone world regularly, surprises have become increasingly hard to come by. However, I can safely say that I did not expect to come across a KFC-branded smartphone today, this week, or ever. In partnership with Huawei, this week the KFC smartphone launched in China. …

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Nokia set to make Android smartphone return in 2017


A number of ex-Nokia employees have banded together and licensed the brand name from Microsoft. Not only that, but they’ve secured a manufacturing partnership too and plan to resurrect Nokia smartphones in 2017 – building a brand new Android device around it. The new firm is called HMD Global and …

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HTC’s VR investment is an attempt to save the company

HTC’s most well received product in a long time was its venture into a new field this year with the HTC Vive. The VR headset has arguably captured imaginations more than even the Oculus Rift, but can it save HTC’s ailing fortunes? The company just posted a catastrophic earnings period, …

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Updated: The HTC 10 looks like a Galaxy/iPhone mashup

Updated: Following on from yesterday’s leaks, HTC has officially announced the HTC 10, the company’s 2016 flagship smartphone. It still looks a bit like a mashup between a Samsung Galaxy and an iPhone 6 but it does pack in some pretty powerful internals, a 5.2-inch QHD display and an all …

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Importing a Samsung Galaxy S7 gets you a faster phone

Where you buy your smartphone from doesn’t usually matter, but when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S7, it does. That’s because the UK’s version will come fitted with an Exynos 8890 processor, while U.S. buyers will have the same handset fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. While that wouldn’t matter …

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Samsung is building 256GB memory chips for smartphones

Over the last year or two smartphone makers have finally started moving away from 16GB storage options, with many newer flagship Android devices offering 32GB as the base option as apps grow in size and users start demanding more space for their media. It looks like smartphone memory sizes could …

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Microsoft is building its own SIM card for Windows 10

It looks like we are set to gain yet another SIM card standard, this time, courtesy of Microsoft, which wants to build its own SIM for new Windows 10 smartphones and LTE-enabled tablets. While Microsoft’s SIM card may not be a different size to the current Nano SIMs, it is …

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