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NexDock Wireless aims to turn your phone into a laptop

Nex Computer recently announced the NexDock Wireless, the most recent iteration of its unique gadget that converts smartphones into laptop computers. Like the original NexDock, the Wireless model looks like your average lightweight laptop, but the wireless connectivity makes it an even more compelling product than its predecessor.

Using Bluetooth and Miracast technologies, users may link their smartphones to the NexDock Wireless, offering all NexDock perks, such as a bigger screen, physical keyboard, and trackpad, without needing any cables or processing power. Instead, the device uses the processing power and storage capacity of the linked smartphone to execute programs and store data.

The NexDock Wireless works with a broad range of Android devices that enable “desktop mode,” including “Samsung DeX” and “Motorola Ready For,” and has a built-in battery that can also charge the smartphone.

NexDock Wireless is currently available for purchase on NexDock.com for $349. The device can be shipped worldwide, but costs change depending on the region.

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