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Would you buy a Kodak smartphone aimed at photo fans?


When it comes to smartphone manufacturing, Kodak isn’t a name that is likely to pop into your head, but perhaps it should. The long-time photo company has launched a new flagship device in partnership with niche smartphone maker Bullitt, called the Ektra. Aimed at budding smartphone photographers, it features a …

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Nokia unveils Ozo: Virtual reality camera for content creators

Nokia Corp. on Wednesday introduced its first virtual reality project, which is not a headset. Instead of targeting consumers with its VR hardware, Nokia targets content creators with its Ozo, a special camera with eight sensors developed specifically to create virtual reality movies. The Nokia Ozo is a spherical device …

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Is it time for a Polaroid revival?

Polaroid is back guys, or at the least, it has a new look, transforming itself from a standard looking camera that actually develops the film, to a rugged, Go-Pro-like action camera. Available now in bright, vibrant colours, the company is hoping that its Polaroid Cube will be able to tap into the action …

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BT Smart Home Cam 100 review

Once upon a time, protecting your home with security cameras was a pipe dream for the paranoid. It was not just seen as unnecessary, but impractical, ungodly expensive and even if you did set up a network, where would you store the low quality recorded footage? Today, with the advent …

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GoPro unveils dog harness camera mount

If you thought GoPro had stopped coming up with novel ways to film the world, think again, as now you can attach up to two individual cameras to your dog, giving you an over the shoulder view and one that’s more down to its level from a chest mount. Called …

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Amazon may be developing its own smart eyewear

Amazon this week hired Babak Parviz, a former Google executive who led the development of the company’s Glass wearable gadget. Several weeks ago Mr. Parviz was replaced from his position at Google, but remained at the company. Apparently, Amazon has offered the executive better opportunities than his former employee. Potentially, …

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Kinect 2.0 PC release date and price announced

The Windows compatible version of Microsoft’s Kinect 2.0 will start shipping to buyers on the 15th of July. The Kinect sensor is meant for developers to create games and applications that utilize gesture movements and voice commands. We’ve heard rumors surrounding the Windows release of Kinect 2.0 for a while now …

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GoPro goes public, share value skyrockets

GoPro, the makers of lightweight, rugged, action orientated video cameras went public yesterday, with just under 18 million shares being sold by the company and stockholders at $24 a piece. This IPO led to over $427 million being raised in a single day, bumping up the average share price and …

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Panasonic GH4 could offer 4K res for just over 1K pounds

While 3D might be on its knees, praying for Avatar 2 and 3 to save its over-hyped butt, tomorrow’s world of 4K delight seems to be a single, inevitable step away. While the TVs can certainly be made available for less than £1,000, there’s still the question of content. Panasonic …

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Nikon announces new D4S DSLR

Nikon has unveiled its new high end DSLR camera, known as the D4S. It packs a high mexapixel sensor, multiple connectivity options for storing and transferring photos faster than ever, and some imaging features that should help it produce some of the best images a Nikon product has ever produced. …

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Isaw Extreme offers GoPro alternative

There’s been a lot of developments in the high-definition camera world over the past few years, with devices like the Flip HD cam becoming hugely popular and then dipping off as phones began to catch up, but one of the more obvious developments has been with the portable, hands free, …

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