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Intel unveils its new RealSense lidar camera L515

Intel has launched the new RealSense lidar camera, the L515 is the world’s smallest and most power-efficient lidar camera that is capable of capturing millions of depth points per second and features a new technology to create innovative ways to integrate lidar into smart devices.

RealSense experts have developed a revolutionary solid-state family of high-depth lidar cameras. The new Intel RealSense lidar camera L515 features unmatched depth quality and power-efficiency that is capable of generating 23 million accurate depth points per second, making it ideal for a whole host of scenarios.

“Intel RealSense technology is used to develop products that enrich people’s lives by enabling machines and devices to perceive the world in 3D. With the L515 depth camera, we are excited to bring high-resolution lidar performance to markets previously inaccessible to this technology.” Said Sagi BenMoshe, corporate vice president, Intel RealSense Group.

Intel believes industries such as logistic could benefit from the L515’s high resolution and full scene preparation, companies looking for inventory management automation, will benefit from the L515’s precise volumetric measurement of products that will always provide accurate inventory states.

Lidar is a remote sensing technology that measures the distance to objects and targets using a combination of lasers and receivers. Intel RealSense technology is different because it uses an advanced, miniaturised micro-electro-mechanical mirror to scan the scene instead. This results in a reduction to the laser pulse power and provides the world’s smallest and most power-efficient high-resolution lidar.

In terms of accuracy and depth edge fidelity, the L515 is in another league as it provides consistently high accuracy over a supported range of 0.25m – 9m and is capable of over 23 million depth pixel per second at a resolution of 1024 x 768 and 30 FPS. Other features of the Intel RealSense lidar L515 include an internal vision processor, motion blur artefact reduction and short photon-to-depth-latency, along with a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and FHD RGB video camera.

The Intel RealSense lidar camera L515 is available for pre-order now and is priced at $349. For more information on the Intel RealSense lidar camera L515 family, visit the Intel RealSense website.

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KitGuru says: This new RealSense camera family from Intel looks like it has some handy features for industry, how do you guys think it could be deployed in the consumer market?

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