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Nikon announces new Coolpix range

Japanese camera manufacturer, Nikon, has announced a new range of picture boxes to steal your souls, known as COOLPIX. It’ll encompass a wide range of different cameras, including the top end, high megapixel, super zoom range, the more style focused mid-range and a couple of Wi-Fi enabled , networked ones …

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Buy a Raspberry Pi camera module now

If you’re a Raspberry Pi user and you’ve been hankering to use the mini-PC to make something that’ll snap pictures, then you’re in luck, as the module to give it photographic capabilities, has now gone on sale via official Pi suppliers: RS Components and Element14. You’ll have to be fast …

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Are DSLR cameras dying in popularity?

I find it hard to believe that anyone would use a smartphone for anything but the most basic of photographs on the ‘spur of the moment’, but research handled by Digitimes would indicate that camera sales in 2013 will drop. Digitimes say that the 7.2% drop to an estimated 93.8 …

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Optical boffins create 50 GIGA pixel camera

Reports coming out of the University of Arizona say that a 75cm square cube of optical processing goodness has been assembled, with a jaw-dropping resolution of 50 gigapixels. KitGuru eyes its collection of low cost lenses and wonders if any of them will have the right screw attachment. Memory storage …

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Canon announce EOS 5D Mark III

Canon have officially announced the new EOS 5D Mark III SLR camera which sports a massive 22.3 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ Image processor. The 5D MKIII features a 61 point High Density Renticular Autofocus with up to 6 fps shooting speed. Additionally the camera has support …

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Point of View invites you to shoot them in the bath

While everyone works hard to make sure that their core products (the ‘bread and butter’ if you will) are working well, at the same time these companies always have one eye open for the ‘silver bullet’. The iPad like product that will change the market and everyone can retire. Point …

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Samsung might be working on a Galaxy camera

When you last used a digital camera you may have considered that the firmware they run on is often clunky, slow and generally just plain poor. Finding any specific setting is often unnerving and it appears that Samsung has realised this; they may be planning a Android powered camera. This comes after …

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Fancy a new camera? try the 200 megapixel Hasselblad

Are you in the market for a new digital camera? If you aren’t happy with the high end Nikon or Canon cameras, and are longing for more resolution then the new Hasselblad might just hit the spot. The H4D-200MS costs around £28,000 and uses a sensor with 50 megapixels resolution, …

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