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Point of View invites you to shoot them in the bath

While everyone works hard to make sure that their core products (the ‘bread and butter’ if you will) are working well, at the same time these companies always have one eye open for the ‘silver bullet’. The iPad like product that will change the market and everyone can retire. Point of View had one such new product on show at Distree in Monte Carlo. KitGuru prepares the rubber duck.

KitGuru’s VideoScope has been invited to a lot of places. Some of them mundane, some extreme. When a graphics vendor asked us to conduct an interview on a roller-coaster, we all had the same thought/image run through our heads: Helmets with a camera duct-taped to the side.

Asking Angelo Boscheri if he had anything new to show at Distree, revealed a new boxed product – still in the preparation stages of development. It’s a weather-proof, shock-proof camera system with more connectors than a connecty-thing at a connectors convention.

Angelo offers you the chance to capture memories any time, any place, any where - even when it's a little moist.

While the box and packaging seem appealing enough, the bit that floated KitGuru’s boat was the vast array of adaptors included in the pack. No matter if your connection point is square, round, weird-shaped, big, small or middling – Angelo has a device that he’s ready to attach and tweak.

At the time our associate saw the product, it was almost ready for mass production and Angelo was lining up potential channel partners.

KitGuru says: While it may not be ‘water proof to a hundred atmospheres’, you could have a lot of fun with this – if Point of View manages to get the retail price down to £99.99 or less. Push past the £100 mark and you will face too much competition from the whole ‘Go Cam’ family. Wonder if we’ll see a shot of Wulfram Tismer in his bath tub on the final packaging.

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