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Huawei engineers participate in the world’s largest desktop cloud

No matter what we think of the cloud and its possibilities, it will no doubt start to take over many tasks we once thought were loyal to the physical PC. All my articles are drafted and saved to WordPress, other documents live on Google Docs, while images I use are stored in my Dropbox folder. I did not even consider switching to the cloud half a year ago, but here I am now, almost integrated within the cloud.

Huawei have also see the potential of the desktop cloud and as such have announced that 45,000 Huawei engineers use virtual desktops. This is the largest known desktop cloud system in the world.

By using a thin client and their desktop cloud service, engineers can access their virtual desktops anytime and presumably anywhere. Naturally with the cloud this removes data storage from a single PC and places it in data centres, this move allows for enhanced information security. The cloud service “results in improved efficiency and work flow.”

Huawei’s cloud system also allows a single IT engineer to go from managing 100 physical desktops to over 1,000 virtual desktops.

Since putting their systems in the cloud Huawei believes they can save 30% off the cost of a traditional PC investment and “conserve 73% in power consumption.” By putting more work on the company’s servers they are able to “maximize the facility’s CPU with an increase of 60% capacity, from 5%.”

Huawei are also in the middle of opening up their desktop cloud platform to businesses and already have 100,000 users in over 30 countries.

Kitguru says: While some of us may not like the constraints of the cloud, I can see it being a mainstay of medium-large businesses in the near future.

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