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New 95W TDP quad, hexa and octo-core FX CPUs from AMD coming

A freshly leaked slide updating us on future models in AMD’s FX Series desktop processor lineup has made its way onto the web from the powers that be and what we can learn from this particular leak is that there will be three new AM3+ 32nm FX models arriving before this quarter comes to an end. All three chips run a 95 W TDP and include the FX-4150 quad core, FX-6120 hexa-core and FX-8140 octo-core.

The FX-4150 has a 3.9GHz base clock speed with 4.1GHz Turbo speed and carries 12MB of cache in the form of 4MB L2 and 8MB L3. The FX-6120 runs at 3.5GHz and also has a 4.1GHz Turbo clock speed with 14MB of cache.

Looking at the FX-8140, it’s a 3.2GHz clocked part again with 4.1GHz Turbo and includes 16MB of cache.

KitGuru says: Pricing details on the new chips are yet to be disclosed, which is really what it all boils down to for AMD’s FX line if it has a chance of snapping up sales from its fierce competitor.

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