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Love WinZip? Got an iOS device? It’s your lucky day

Remember back to the days when you couldn't survive without WinZip on your PC? Ever since the early nineties this has been the file compression software of choice for the majority of folks, at least until those pesky registration popups pushed many across to alternative nag-free solutions as they came about in more recent years.

Nonetheless, if you're an avid WinZip lover and have an iOS device you'll be giving a big thumbs up to this – WinZip for iOS has just become available on the app store and even better yet, it's completely free! With it you'll be able to open zip attachments from emails as well as browse compressed files and extract from encrypted archives.

One thing it does not let you do is create new zip files from local documents or photos etc. on your iOS device. At least that is a limitation in this first iteration.

KitGuru says: Let's hope this is a pattern emerging in a string of classic apps ported to iOS that we all know and love from years past. Would you like to have software programs like Lotus 123, WordPerfect, Microsoft FrontPage etc. on your iOS device?

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