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Apple’s App Store generated $30 billion in 2016


Apple’s App Store is one of the biggest sources of revenue for a lot of developers. Billions of dollars are spent through iOS each year and the number only ever seems to keep climbing higher. This week, it was revealed that App Store revenue received a 40 percent boost in …

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Zerodium ups iOS bug bounties to $1.5 million


Cybersecurity bug-hunting firm Zerodium has announced that it’s increased its payouts for bug bounties on iOS v 10, to $1.5 million (£1.16 million) from $1 million. The reason it’s now put a higher price on those exploits’ heads, is because iOS 10 is harder to crack than previous iterations, so …

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iOS users may soon be able to hide stock apps

Over the years, Apple has added a lot to iOS and now we are at a point where there are quite a few pre-installed ‘stock’ apps that come on every iPhone and iPad. However, Apple may soon allow iOS users to escape these apps entirely. This has been talked about …

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More details about upcoming iPhone SE leak online

We have been hearing rumors about Apple’s plans for a new 4-inch iPhone for over a year now but the time has finally come, with Apple set to make an official announcement next week. However, as usual, the Internet has got its hands on details ahead of time so now …

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Steve Wozniak isn’t too sure on the Apple Watch

While Steve Wozniak may not work at Apple anymore, he is still pretty outspoken on the company’s plans and products. Recently, the Apple co-founder was asked what he thought current CEO, Tim Cook, was doing right or wrong and it seems that Wozniak may still be unsure on the Apple’s …

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Apple to bring Siri to Mac this year

After years of speculation on the topic, it looks like Apple will finally be bringing Siri to Mac OS X this year according to new reports. Right now it is believed that this year’s OS X update is codenamed ‘Fuji’ and Siri will be one of the big flagship features. …

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Apple to fight US order to build iPhone encryption backdoor

Earlier this morning, news spread that the FBI has given Apple a court order to help them break the security on the iPhone previously owned by the deceased gunman behind the San Bernardino attacks last year. Now, Apple is formally contesting the order and has said that it will fight the …

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Microsoft set to buy SwiftKey for around $250 million

SwiftKey, one of the most popular third-party keyboard apps for both Android and iOS smartphones, is set to be acquired by Microsoft the company has confirmed. Reports currently put the buyout figure at around $250 million, this acquisition would also mean that future Windows smartphones could come with SwiftKey pre-installed. …

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Apple to raise App prices in seven countries

Apple is set to raise the price of apps on its store in seven countries this month. While exchange rates typically rise and fall from time to time, Apple seems to think that due to the current position of particular currencies, it is time to raise prices a bit. The …

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Fake Minecraft 2 taken down from App Store

Earlier on in the week, people became largely aware of a fake Minecraft sequel doing the rounds on iOS. This app claimed to be Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 and actually managed to hit the top ten on the App Store’s top-selling chart. However, after awareness of this scam app was …

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Apple may start making its own smartphone chips

Right now, Apple designs all of its processors for its iOS devices, though the manufacturing and fabrication is outsourced to other companies, like Samsung or TSMC. However, that could change in the future as Apple just purchased what used to be a semiconductor manufacturing plant. The building measures in at …

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