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Amazon gaff sees small sellers lose thousands

A fault with Amazon listing software last week, saw many items sold through the retail giant by smaller businesses listed at just £0.01 each. While it only lasted for about an hour on Friday, bargain hunters on the site ordered tens of copies of expensive items like video games, mobile …

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Net Dream Systems creates tech monitoring system

Net Dream Systems, an IT and audio-visual consultant, has created a technology management system that monitors all active technologies on board super yachts in real time and then predicts possible IT problems. Obviously right now, this technology is only relevant to rich super yacht owning individuals but that could change …

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Futuremark preparing PCMark 8 release

For the first time in the series, PCMark 8 will combine performance testing with battery life measurement. You can estimate battery use from each benchmark test or use Battery Life mode to loop a test until the battery is almost empty for more accurate results. New Adobe and Microsoft application …

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Care to test your high end PC against…Catzilla?

Move over 3Dmark, Unigine, Furmark, a new benchmark has rolled into town and it's bigger, badder and fluffier than the lot of them. Catzilla, the PC stress test from AllBenchmark that we talked about in October, it's finally here. How does your system fare against its furry might? If you …

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Crashplan data backup is free right now


Update: The discount has now dropped to 98 per cent, so it's still only a couple of dollars. Well worth it. Crashplan data backup has announced a deal on its Twitter for 100 per cent free account creation for two hours only. You'll need to be fast to get in …

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WordPress proxies under threat

Green Host Wordpress

Greenhost, a webhost in the Netherlands has been issued a court order to take down its Pirate Bay proxy, a service that showcased the abilities of the company's plugin ‘Repress'. Repress was designed as an anti-censorship tool and turns any WordPress blog that uses it into a fully working proxy. …

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IDC reveals money-saving back-up secrets

Major corporations are sitting up and paying attention to IDC. Having completed a major study of the back-up patterns of large corporates, the research giant has hit on a simple way to create massive savings. Can these techniques be useful for KitGuru readers as well? First, let's just be clear …

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