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F-Secure launches the USB armory MKII

The Team at F-Secure Foundry has released a new version of its USB armory flash drive-sized computer. The latest USB armory USB device is suitable for a range of applications that require the flexibility of an embedded computer without sacrificing security such as cryptocurrency wallets, secure authentication and licensing tokens.

USB armory MKII has been designed to deal with security issues that occur when hardware overlaps with firmware. As a result of hours of R&D, F-Secure USB armory MKII provides management of software, hardware and firmware, as well as offering a variety of security features, with a high level of computing power inside a tiny form factor.

“We routinely provide our customers with security reviews and security engineering services, which makes us both breakers and makers of technology. This gives us the ability to provide state-of-the-art security in our consulting practice. The USB armory’s hardware and software implementation clearly demonstrates this,” says F-Secure Head of Hardware Security Andrea Barisani.

F-Secure has equipped the USB armory MKII with security features that include internal and external cryptographic coprocessors, true random number generators, secure boot capabilities and more. All these features combined make the device stronger at withstanding attacks such as physical tampering that could compromise boot protocols. Extra attention has been allocated to these features to make the USB armory MKII ideal for processing information critical to the integrity of a system.

Additionally, the USB armory includes an open-source eco-system to ensure that the platform is able to evolve and grow to support the ever-expanding range of uses. The F-Secure armory MKII is available to purchase now priced at around €140.

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