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QNAP’s latest NAS can double as a silent Plex server

QNAP is back with its latest NAS device. The new TS-410E stands out from the rest of the line-up by offering the quietest operation possible using a fanless cooling design. Primarily designed with multimedia-use in mind, the fanless TS-410E offers high-speed I/O, dual 2.5GbE ports, SSD slots, 4K output via …

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Synology launches 5-bay DiskStation DS1522+

Synology is back with a new 5-bay DiskStation for 2022. The new Synology DiskStation DS1522+ launches this month, providing a compact solution for all-in-one storage to help you store, protect and share data.  The DS1522+ integrates well as the primary storage solution for smaller setups or as an edge node …

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Synology launches DSM 7.1 beta with new features and upgrades

Synology's major DiskStation Manager 7.1 update is on the way and there is good news for current users – the public beta build becomes available today. With DiskStation manager 7.1 users will find expanded functionality, with more enhancements and features to help address various IT challenges.  DSM 7.1 brings key …

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Synology introduces C2 Backup for Windows devices

Alongside Synology's recent DSM 7.0.1 upgrade, today the company is launching the new C2 Backup application. With C2 Backup, Synology storage device users can back up their data efficiently for Windows devices, whether they are located at home or across multiple office locations.  There are two versions of this, C2 …

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Synology launches DSM 7.0.1 upgrade with new Hybrid Share feature

Synology NAS owners are about to get a big upgrade. Today, Synology announced its new operating system, DSM 7.0, which is now available for the vast majority of Synology storage devices, including enterprise NAS and surveillance-focused systems. Since its official release, DSM 7.0 has received praise for its greater speed …

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QNAP launches AMD Ryzen powered NAS with up to 8 storage bays

QNAP is back with another AMD Ryzen powered NAS system. The new TS-x73A features an AMD Ryzen V1000 series v1500B quad-core processor, 2.5GbE networking, 8GB of memory and up to eight bays for storage drives. Speaking on the new Ryzen powered NAS, QNAP Product Manager, Jason Hsu, said: “With a …

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QNAP launches its first 2.5GbE network switch

Network and storage specialist QNAP has revealed the company’s first 2.5 GbE network switch. The new QNAP QSW-1105-5T 2.5 GbE network switch offers a balance between performance and cost. With the QNAP QSW-1105-5T 2.5 GbE network switch, users can simply switch out their old hardware and connect the switch to …

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GIGAIPC launches industry’s first 5G enabled embedded computing system

This week, GIGAIPC announced the QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100HD-A1, A new IoT device from the subsidiary of Gigabyte, which is said to be the “industry’s first 5G enabled embedded computing system”.  GIGAIPC, a GIGABYTE subsidiary, has introduced a 5G industrial embedded PC, called the QBiX-Pro-KBLB7100HD-A1. The company hopes that the system will aide “Machine Vision, Automated …

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Synaptics to acquire Broadcom’s wireless IoT business for $250 million

This week, Synaptics announced that it will acquire Broadcom's wireless IoT business – including assets and manufacturing rights – for approximately $250 million in an all-cash transaction. The $250 million agreement between the two companies lets Synaptics acquire certain rights to Broadcom’s existing IoT technology as well as “future roadmap devices …

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