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Net Dream Systems creates tech monitoring system

Net Dream Systems, an IT and audio-visual consultant, has created a technology management system that monitors all active technologies on board super yachts in real time and then predicts possible IT problems. Obviously right now, this technology is only relevant to rich super yacht owning individuals but that could change with the rise in automated in-home devices such as smart thermo-stats, phones and pretty much anything else that can connect to a network. Maybe one day our homes will come pre-installed with monitoring technologies, letting us know how all of our every day devices are performing as explained
in this article
about home security systems.

The monitoring system  has only been installed on five yachts so far and is built to monitor anything connected to the network including: cameras, telephones, network switches, servers, storage devices, touch panels, WiFi access points, entry systems, satellite receivers and more from one single interface.


Nishan de Silva, CEO of Net Dream Systems, said to Yachting Pages: “The management systems provide a graphical representation in real time of your entire infrastructure; green lights indicate that everything is working as it should and yellow lights signify a potential issue. For example we can track the disk space on your servers or the ambient temperature, setting the alerts around agreed parameters. If the server reaches 70% disk usage the graphical representation on the monitoring system will flash yellow, when it reaches 90% it will flash red to indicate a lack of disk space going forward. We audit the IT infrastructure and configure the system to individual needs.  It’s great for engineers and captains, giving crews a cost effective way of sorting out potential problems before the owner returns in two weeks’ time for example.”

Technology is a huge part of the superyacht sector and alongside IT and internet services and entertainment and AV, security is becoming a worldwide concern, investment in alarm systems, cameras, hidden chambers and tracking devices have soared.

KitGuru Says: While right now this technology isn’t that relevant to the average consumer, one day systems like this might become the norm as our homes become more connected. 

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