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Apple might be joining the foldable display foray

Bendable displays have been in the works for quite some time now, with Samsung apparently making a push with the technology on its smartphones last week. It seems that Apple also wants in, as its most recent patent application concerns plans for its own foldable tech. While the first thought …

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Over half of Apple’s devices now run iOS 11

While iOS 11 didn’t have the smoothest launch possible, it seems that Apple users are now happy with the update. The company has released new metrics on its App Store support page, showing that iOS 11 is now installed on 52 percent of total iPhones and iPads in use. Prompting …

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Samsung to be the sole supplier of iPhone 8 OLED panels

At this point, the next iPhone having an OLED display is all but confirmed. We’ve seen countless leaks over the last 12 months but the latest this week indicates that Samsung will once again be doing business with Apple, by becoming the sole supplier of curved OLED panels for the …

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Foxconn manager made $1.5 million selling stolen iPhones


It looks like a now former senior manager at Foxconn could face quite the jail sentence after being caught stealing around 5,700 iPhones worth around $1.5 million. This manager worked in the testing department specifically and had eight employees under his wing, who he instructed to smuggle thousands of iPhones. …

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Apple faces lawsuit over unresponsive iPhone 6 touchscreens


Back in 2014 when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came out, ‘bendgate’ wasn’t the only problem users were faced with, quite a few customers also ended up with unresponsive touchscreens, a problem that Apple has apparently been aware of for some time but has failed to do anything …

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