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PS5 console launch exclusive Bugsnax comes to iOS

Ahead of the console’s launch back in 2020, many PlayStation 5 fans were surprised and endeared to see the announcement of Bugsnax – a colourful adventure game set on Snaktooth Island, home to half-bug half-snack creatures. Following its eventual release on all other console platforms, Bugsnax has now found its way onto iOS.

Back in May it was announced that the creature-catching PS5 launch exclusive Bugsnax would be coming to iOS devices. Now, the game is officially available, with the team publishing a press release saying:

“Young Horses is thrilled to announce that their whimsical snak catching island adventure, Bugsnax, is available now on the App Store! This release includes the content from the previously released DLC – The Isle of BIGsnax – and brings an entirely new control scheme via touch screens, while also supporting a wide array of third party gamepads.”

Bugsnax launched back in 2020 for £17.99. Unsurprisingly however, despite the game’s parity with consoles, the iOS version costs just $9.99 – not a bad deal especially considering its support for controllers.

Bugsnax is a deceptively cute game in which all may not be as it seems. If you have yet to give the game a go, this new iOS version presents a great opportunity.

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