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Nvidia and AMD reportedly working on Arm processors for Windows PCs

Microsoft has been working on Windows for Arm for years at this point but for the most part, the PC industry still relies on x86 processors. Apple began to change this with the launch of Apple Silicon, its own specialised processors for Macs using Arm technology. Now, it looks like Nvidia and AMD might be preparing Arm processors of their own for Windows PCs.

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Intel is killing off its Pentium and Celeron branding

For decades now, Intel has been releasing Pentium and Celeron series processors to serve the mainstream PC market. Now, Intel is officially doing away with Celeron and Pentium, replacing both with a new line-up of chips simply named ‘Intel Processor'.  Today, Intel is announcing the Intel Processor, a replacement for …

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Intel ‘Raptor Lake-S’ power requirements have been unveiled

We've recently shared the alleged power limits for the Intel Alder Lake-S series of processors. Now, it's time to do the same for Raptor Lake-S, the alleged successor of Alder Lake-S expected to release in H2 2022. As reported by Igor'sLAB,  Raptor Lake-S power requirements are divided into 35W, 65W, …

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The European Union prepares its own prototype CPU

As the UK prepares to officially leave the European Union this Friday (31st January), the European Processor Initiative (EPI) is priming the first prototype of its HPC processor designed for advanced computing applications. The EPI was set up by the European Commission as part of the Framework Partnership Agreement, with …

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Intel announce new Xeon W-2200 series processors

Intel has announced a new Xeon W-2200 series to join the Cascade Lake-X HEDT line-up for 2019. The Xeon W-2200 series will offer lower performance options compared to some Cascade Lake-X processors, with quad-core CPUs available. The top four Xeon W-2200 processors will effectively share the same characteristics as Cascade …

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