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Luke & Leo (Ep8) AMD Ryzen 5000 Pricing

Ryzen 5000 has launched and both Luke and Leo are impressed by the performance offered up by the chips. Some of AMD's pricing decisions seem a bit bizarre, though, and have let Intel back into the picture with some of their ageing refined 14nm processors. Let's discuss Ryzen 5000, Zen 3, Intel competition, and more availability woes.

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Video Timestamps:

00:00 Video start
00:13 Introduction
00:50 Leos previous videos on AMD/Intel
01:57 Luke loves the 5900x/5950x / pricing
03:05 AMD’s price increase let Intel back into the picture
04:07 More discussion on pricing and Intel 10th Gen / Zen 3
07:56 AM4 platform is far superior / B550 what about X570 ?
10:46 Precision Boost Overdrive 2 and clocks
15:59 AMDs pricing increase, are YOU happy paying more?
18:34 Did AMD mean launch this with Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 ?

Video Points:

Ryzen 5000 Performs Very Well, But Is Not Cheap and Is Barely Available!

  • Ryzen 5000 is impressive! Too bad it is out of stock in most places!
  • Leo estimated quite correctly that Ryzen 5000 would be a winner before it even launched.
  • The price is a bit of a sore subject though
    • Maybe some additional models would help the pricing
  • 5950X opens up a new level of performance, just like the 3950X before it did
    • But we really like the Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core chip!

Have The Price Increases Been Justified?

  • Do you think the price increase has been justified?
    • What about the cooler? Do you miss its usefulness even on the higher core count processors?

Intel Is Still Hanging Around With Some Competitive Options

  • Intel is still hanging around fairly reasonably with the competitive Core i9-10850K at £440
  • Intel’s 11th Gen processors certainly look like they’ll be less impressive though
  • Other than pricing on some SKUs, pretty much everything about Zen 3 is highly impressive!

AM4 Is A Superb Platform And Keeps Getting Better

  • The AM4 platform also continues to prove superb, especially with competitive and competent B550 offerings
  • Leo likes the ASRock B550 Extreme 4 that he is currently reviewing

PBO2 Adds Further Value To Ryzen 5000 CPUs

  • PBO2 – what is it and how does it work in relation to PB2 and PBO?
  • AMD’s Precision Boost and Precision Boost Overdrive operating modes are very well designed and optimised
  • Undervolting should open up some additional overclocking/frequency headroom, just like we often see on laptops
  • PBO2 for 400 and 500 series chipsets, but it needs a Ryzen 5000 CPU
  • Will this help the dual-CCD processors in particular?

Fingers Crossed Ryzen 5000 Will Have Better Availability Soon

  • Ryzen 5000 proves alluring in many aspects – maybe we should stop mentioning the higher pricing as it very much looks to be justified!
  • Leo is tempted to upgrade his 12-core Zen+ Threadripper to Zen 3 – does his wallet deserve the battering?
  • Cache Memory or Cash Money?

Has The New Ryzen 9 5950X Made Threadripper Unnecessary?

  • We love Threadripper, but perhaps the Ryzen 9 5950X makes AMD HEDT even more niche

AMD's AGESA Update System Is Very Consumer Friendly

  • The way the AGESA updates give free performance boosts with good BIOS stability is very consumer friendly, provided bugs are minimal
  • While we have dished out some pricing criticism for Ryzen 5000 – notably the 8 core – almost every other aspect of Zen 3 is highly praiseworthy!

KitGuru says:What are you thoughts on Ryzen 5000? Are you anxiously waiting to get an order in when stock becomes more prevalant in your region? Or have you been swayed to an alternative option at the given price points? Let us know!

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