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AMD to launch Ryzen 9 7940HX and 7840HX mobile CPUs later this year

The AMD Ryzen 7045HX series (aka Dragon Range) is a CPU family that blends desktop and mobile characteristics, using Raphael chips in a mobile package. These CPUs bring up to 16 Zen4 cores to gaming laptops, providing a considerable increase in multi-threading performance over the previous generation. Contrary to the …

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AMD HP OMEN 16 (2023) Showcase

At CES earlier this year we learned about a number of new AMD laptop chips in the 7040HS and 7045HX series. Today we have the opportunity to showcase an HP Omen 16 laptop that uses an AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor with eight cores/16 threads that are built on the latest Zen 4 architecture.  This enables the HP Omen 16 to storm along in office work or games while consuming very little power, and that helps to maximise battery life.

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ASUS UK PR believes it is ‘legal to buy positive reviews’

Asus has built a name for itself over the years, delivering some of the best products in the PC hardware market. The company is beginning to find itself in a string of controversies, with YouTubers like Jayz Two Cents and Gamers Nexus calling the company out over unsavoury practices. Unfortunately, there are signs of wider problems at the company too, including a seemingly hostile attitude towards independent media. 

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