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AirSelfie camera drone now available for pre-order

The miniature flying camera drone, AirSelfie, is now available for pre-order, following a complete set up of the production line. Kickstarter pledges are set to ship out in March this year, with those pre-ordering the device now, slated to receive their's by May. AirSelfie is a miniature drone equipped with …

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Logitech smart security cameras now know who you are


Logitech has enhanced its Circle Home security cameras with proprietary artificial intelligence, that allows them to use facial recognition to determine who people are. When combined with ‘Motion Zones,' it should make the system much more capable of detecting intruders, or letting you know when specific people enter your home. …

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Camera driven mass DDOS attack used rented botnets


The last month has seen DDOS attacks on various sources on a magnitude no one has ever seen before: in some cases more than a terabit per second of data. This was more than anyone thought possible, but it was all because whoever was responsible, rented some of the most …

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Manchester police to be fitted with 3,000 bodycams

As surveillance increases across the world for civilians, perhaps it's a good thing that those enforcing the laws are also being scrutinised. 3,000 Police in Manchester are set to be fitted with body cameras, though much of when and how they are used, will be left up to the officers …

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Samsung’s new camera sensor could slim down phones

Samsung has revealed that it is going to start mass producing its brand new image sensor for smartphones, the industry's first 1.0μm pixel 16-megapixel CMOS image sensor, making it 20 per cent smaller than the current sensors in use in smartphone cameras today. This means that the camera module on future …

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The HTC One M9 is getting RAW photo support

HTC is hoping to beef up its One M9 camera software a bit more by adding in support for RAW photos. Since its release, reviewers have picked up on the HTC One M9's slightly lacking camera so the company has been at work making software updates to try and bump …

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Apple to work on bringing DSLR quality images to the iPhone

Apple is looking to beef up its camera technology inside of the iPhone as the company has apparently acquired Israeli imaging firm, Linx Computational, which specializes in camera modules and software for mobile devices that aim to bring DSLR quality images to slim handsets. Apple vaguely confirmed the acquisition to the …

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Samsung teasing new camera for Galaxy S6

Samsung's Galaxy S6 is expected to be announced in just a few weeks time and now the Korean device maker is beginning to tease its latest flagship device, promising to deliver nothing less than “the future of cameras”, in a new blog post. In a post from Samsung's camera Research …

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Student charged over homemade 3D cam rig

Considering we're now entering the realms of 4K displays becoming cost effective and 8K not too many years away, it seems a little surprising that there's still a market for cam-footage recordings of new movies. While they do tend to beat the DVD screeners to the torrent sites, their quality, …

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