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RPCS3 just got even better

Recently we reported that the leading PS3 emulator – RPCS3 – reached a major milestone when they announced that every single PS3 game is now bootable on the software. The team seemingly have no intentions of slowing down, as the latest update just days later now allows for PlayStation Eye Camera support.

Making the announcement just days after their high-level update, the official RPCS3 Twitter account revealed that “RPCS3 now has support for PlayStation Eye Camera functionality!” What’s more, “you can use any camera you want with it :).”

While the PlayStation 3’s Eye Camera was vastly underrepresented in its time, a surprising few video games supported the functionality in interesting ways. Such examples include head tracking in Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet, and Okami HD.

Most of the games which support the camera functionality are unlikely to be high up on the list of desired PS3 games to go back to on PC. Even so, the fact that the team added such support is indicative of their commitment to doing what Sony refuses: letting people play PS3 games on modern hardware.

The other major accessory for the PS3 is the Move controllers. While RPCS3 does not yet support the peripheral, a much wider variety of games actually offered Move support. Some of these games included heavy hitters such as InFamous 2 and Festival of Blood; Heavy Rain; The Amazing spider-Man; Resident Evil 5; and even BioShock Infinite. For the sake of game preservation alone, hopefully the devs at RPCS3 are able to add support for the Move controllers next.

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