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Apple officially allows emulators on the iOS App Store

Over the past few months, new international laws and external pressure has forced Apple’s hand into relaxing many of its rules surrounding iOS and the Apple App Store. Between the addition of cloud streaming apps and the promised arrival of the Epic Games Store later this year, the iPhone creator has now started to allow game emulators to be added to the iOS App Store.

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Nintendo targets Steam with fresh DMCA strike to remove Dolphin Emulator

Nintendo has become increasingly concerned about emulation recently, with devices like the Steam Deck providing convenient ways for players to access old and new Nintendo content. Previously, Nintendo issued DMCA strikes against videos showcasing Steam Deck emulation, as well as a tool that allows people to add custom artworks to their Steam library. Now, Nintendo is issuing a DMCA takedown against Valve itself with the hopes of getting the Dolphin emulator booted from Steam. 

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PlayStation Vita Emulator finally released for Android

Smartphones are low-key the best emulation devices that one could ask for – especially if you have a relatively modern Android Smartphone. Thanks to the tireless work of countless developers you are able to emulate dozens of consoles on smartphones, from the NES to the PlayStation 2 and even the Nintendo Switch. Finally, the much-anticipated Android release for the PS Vita emulator ‘VITA3K’ has gone live.

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New Sony job listing hints at native PS3 and Vita emulation

Sony’s recently released PlayStation Plus Premium tier launched to some controversy, especially when it came to the service’s classic console emulators and necessity for cloud gaming. It seems the company is not resting on its laurels however, as a new job listing has hinted at the possibility for expanded emulation support on PlayStation...

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