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New PS4 emulator can boot Bloodborne up to the character creator

Running at just 1080p with an uneven 30 fps frame cap, Bloodborne is overdue for some form of update. Unfortunately, in the almost 10 years since the release of the game, we have gotten little-to-nothing in the way of enhancements. That said, given enough time, the much-loved Souls game could be fully playable on PC via a PS4 emulator – with ShadPS4 currently being the most promising.

As shared by YouTuber GeorgeMoralis, version 0.1.1 of new PS4 emulator ShadPS4 is able to boot up Bloodborne all the way to the character creator menu.

While this might seem like a relatively small achievement, prior to this, the closest we got to Bloodborne on PC was being able to get sound working – but no graphics.

As such, while this new PS4 emulator project is likely many years away from being stable, the progress made in as short an amount of time such as this is promising – and could even be fully functional before Sony chooses to announce a Bloodborne remaster/remake.

That said, according to Moralis “Something is start (sic) working here, still highly WIP don't expect to play just yet”. Regardless, the progress is exciting nonetheless.

KitGuru says: What do you think of how Sony has handled Bloodborne? Will we ever get another official release for the game? Would you rather a remaster or remake? Let us know down below.

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