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Apex Legends gets complete Battle Pass revamp – for the worse

The introduction of Battle Passes a few years ago seemed to wipe out most uses of the arguably worse loot box system which plagued many free-to-play (and premium) games. While such passes do have their own issues, players are typically able to earn currencies for future battle passes by completing said passes. After using this exact method since its inception, Apex Legends’ battle passes are about to get a lot more expensive.

Making the announcement via a blog post, the Apex Legends team announced their upcoming Battle Pass revamp, saying “Today we’re announcing a brand new Battle Pass experience that will launch with Season 22. And this isn’t just a heads up, it’s also an inside look into how we’ve improved the value, reduced the time needed to unlock high-end items, and more.”

While pitched as a positive, the reception to this change has been anything but, as unlike with prior seasons, you can now only purchase battle passes using real currency. Though this does have some benefits (as you won’t have to buy an awkward number of Apex Coins to purchase the pass), you will now no longer be able to earn future Battle Passes through the completion of prior ones. 

Furthermore, unlike with prior seasons, each new season from S22 onwards will now include two battle passes – meaning you will be paying double in the same amount of time.

Full details on exactly what is changing with future battle passes and seasons can be found HERE, but it's safe to say that early reactions to the news have been less-than-positive. It’ll be interesting to see how EA responds to the backlash.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the changes? Is this a dealbreaker for you? Will EA backtrack on this eventually? Let us know down below.

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