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Valve rumoured to be working on an Android emulator

Valve has been pretty active in recent years, with the Steam creator having released new hardware in the form of the Steam Deck alongside major software revamps for many aspects of its PC store. It seems Valve is continuing to work hard in the background, with a new rumour claiming they may be developing an Android emulator.

As reported by Brad Lynch via Twitter, the XR Project Manager at EOZVR discovered some interesting findings when analysing Steam’s databases.

According to Lynch, a new Steam changelist update tied to SteamVR seems to be hinting at some future features, including a reference to ‘WayDroid’, which “allows GNU/Linux users to run Android apps/systems in a container. Almost at native performance if they use Wayland.”

It is currently unknown exactly what Valve plans to do with this emulator, however the Android platform has in the past been privy to a decent amount of VR support – especially since Meta’s Quest Horizon OS is based on Android.

We will have to wait and see what exactly Valve has planned in this regard, but either way, it is exciting to see new ideas, products and features coming from Valve.

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